The polishing erotic romantic drama 365 days (365 Dni) is a 2020 movie make by Barbara Biaowska and Tomasz Mandes. Together the plot unfolds, a mrs from Warsaw who is in an unsatisfying relationship drops for a Sicilian male who imprisons her and forces her to take up through him because that one year. Anna-Maria Sieklucka stars as Laura Biel in the film, opposite Michele Morrone as Don Massimo Torricelli. An adapted version the Blanka Lipińska’s first novel of a trilogy.

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Netflix is officially releasing the sequel to “365 Days,” juga known together “365 Dni”. Complying with its release in 2020, Netflix’s “365 Days” was hailed as the modernis “Beauty and the Beast.” Netflix subscribers menjadi wild about the debut that the first hal during the lockdown. Together the filming the “365 Days” has currently begun, the film’s sequel is gearing as much as be exit soon.


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The Netflix movie “365 Days” has attracted good interest within a tahun of publikasi and has quickly ini adalah one of Netflix’s favorite films. There room a lot of appealing scenes in this film, and also the bintang make an luar biasa performance. Through its fantastic graphics and sensual scenes, the first edition of this movie produced a buzz among subscribers. Netflix has finally ordered a 2nd insane bab of 365 aku after an overwhelmingly effective installment.

365 aku 2: When does the Sequel release on Netflix?

Star Michele Morrone teased that a sequel come the romantic drama “365 Days” would certainly be released in June 2020 in a personalized fan video. Oprah day-to-day got a glimpse that the sequel indigenous writer Blanka Lipińska kembali in February. It’s no a kepala surprise, then, that an ext “365 Days” is about to be released for fans who know what’s coming. Netflix Originals is now creating films, which melakukan change points up.

In respectable 2020, Sicily was supposed to organize filming, yet due come the COVID-19 regulations, the filming had actually to it is in postponed. In a report by Deadline, it has been revealed the not hanya one sequel, however both will start filming this month. Poland is where manufacturing begins, followed by Italy. In the wake of those initial reports, it shows up that production in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland, started in earnest on June 29, 2021.

Netflix bypassed the middleman, cutting out the theatrical run that would have occurred before the film became obtainable on a streaming service. Therefore, the sequels are most likely to be released global directly ~ above Netflix in 2022.

Who’s in the actors of 365 days Part 2?

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There is no actors list because that the “365 Days” sequel on Netflix yet. We are aware of three evidenced members at this time, yet we cannot confirm more. The masculine lead will go back to 365 Days, together Michele Morrone announced previously on. Together Massimo, a gangster through a well-off love interest, Morrone plays the gangster v a lavish home.

Also reprising she female lead function as Laura, Massimo’s romantic obsession, Anna-Maria Sieklucka will certainly return as Carla, a young woman fascinated by a mysterious stranger. The personality of Olga, Laura’s friend, will be play by Magdalena Lamparska together well. The sequel will juga feature other cast members.

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In part 2, Simone Susanna will certainly portray a new major character. The second movie is characterized by the love triangle he create in an virtually absurd way. Likewise, Blanka is creating the manuscript behind the scenes, together she did because that the an initial film. The filmmakers of the an initial movie will juga direct the sequel, i m sorry Barbara Biaows and also Tomasz Mandes will direct.