Xiaomi has selalu been recognized for happen premium functions to the budget segment yet this time they’ve yes, really taken points to the lanjut level.

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The Redmi note 10 lineup bring AMOLED display modern technology for the an initial time ever to the critically acclaimed Redmi keep in mind series.


Aside native deep blacks, punchy colors, and far better sunlight legibility, AMOLED displays are much loved due to the fact that of anda support because that always-on display.

For those living di bawah a rock, the AOD modern technology presents valuable information and also notifications come the user without requiring their interaction through the device.

This has actually a negligible dampak on battery life owing to AMOLED displays’ ability to turn specific pixels ~ above the screen completely off when they’re intended to display screen the color black.


Is anyone untuk mengetahui about Redmi note 10 selalu On display screen settings, its automatically turns off after 10 sec, and also its really annoying. You re welcome if someone have any solution top top this melepaskan please bagikan with me.Source

Hello I have actually a Redmi note 10 an international variant which have super amoled screen but one thing I noticed that being an amoled panel it should have always on display feature which must be operated all the time yet for currently it is working only for hanya 10 seconds and then after the turned turn off the screen.Source

Anyway, as clear indigenous above, there have been plenty of complaints doing rounds around the missing always-on display on the Redmi keep in mind 10 collection even despite they’re totally qualified of sustaining it.

The gadgets all come through the always-on display screen customization goodies that Xiaomi provides on anda more premium devices but that is overshadowed by the fakta that the display screen only stays on because that a preferably of 10 seconds.

This is due to the fact that of the “For 10 secs after tapping” setting dibawah always-on “Display items” that can’t it is in turned off.


Now it could be mungkin that Xiaomi is collection to permit proper always-on screen for the entire collection with a masa depan software update. After all, every design in the lineup acquired hefty 5000+ mAh batteries so power consumption concerns shouldn’t yes, really be a thing.

But why wait for that long when there’s currently a rather simple solution available? hanya follow the following collection of steps and also you should be great to go:

Firstly, you should head end to settings > about phone and keep tapping top top “MIUI version” till you acquire a toast notice saying that Developer options have been enabled.


Next, head end to additional settings > Developer choices and role to the bottom come the MIUI optimizations toggle. Hanya turn that off and you will see that her always-on display screen will stick rather of turning off automatically in 10 seconds.

Hopefully, this isn’t hanya an exploitable bug that will be ‘fixed’ through the upcoming software program updates. That said, be sure to store an eye top top our dedicated MIUI 12.5 tracker dari it’s the next major upgrade in line for the series.

Update 1 (April 06)

10:23 to be (IST): It appears that the choice to turn off MIUI optimizations has actually been gotten rid of with the recent updates, at least from the developer choices menu. However, the is still easily accessible when searched indigenous the Settings mencari bar.

Search lihat the Settings temukan bar.Source

Update 2 (April 10)

11:34 to be (IST): The rooted ones the end there are complimentary to try the MIUI AOD patched v1.1 Magisk module that will allow true always-on-display in MIUI there is no the require for the bug-inducing MIUI optimization workaround.

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