Will you vote for Obama?

Maloney = No; Tomblin = Yes

MORGANTOWN —        As Earl Ray Tomblin continues this week to express ‘outrage’ at Barack Obama’s EPA, Bill Maloney today repeated his call for Earl Ray Tomblin to finally come clean and tell the people of West Virginia that he will be supporting Barack Obama for President.
“I will vote against Barack Obama this year, and I will be actively campaigning against him,” said Bill Maloney. “West Virginia needs a leader who will fight back against Barack Obama and his job-killing policies. Earl Ray Tomblin’s election-year rhetoric against the EPA obviously isn’t enough to save West Virginia jobs.”

Over the last few weeks, most of the top of the Democratic ticket in West Virginia has announced that they would be voting for Barack Obama.

Darrell McGraw admitted that he would be voting for Barack Obama at the opening of his taxpayer-funded campaign office in the eastern panhandle. 

Joe Manchin told a group of supporters in Morgantown that he too would be voting for Obama this fall.

Congressman Nick Rahall has told radio audiences of WV Metronews several times that he will again support Barack Obama for President.

“West Virginia’s leading Democrats are endorsing Barack Obama but Earl Ray keeps trying to have it both ways,” Maloney continued. “While his rhetoric denounces ‘Washington bureaucrats’, Earl Ray refuses to go after the source of the problem: Obama himself. I guess with the millions of dollars that Obama has given Earl Ray in budget bailouts through the stimulus and campaign bailouts through the DGA, Earl Ray can’t afford to admit that Barack Obama is bad for West Virginia.”


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